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World’s First Laser Pocket Projector ALPD Smart Portable Laser Projector

  Just in the closed GSF2015 HK Fair & Infocomm Peiking, we shown it and have collected high interest and good feedback, which have been reported by lots of media. What benefit it brings? Features: *High brightness sharp, friendly to any interface, even to enlarge up to 100inch under strong lighting, keep the same brilliance. *Focus immediately, move it forward or backward rapidly, become clear in milliseconds, no need any waiting *Very true nature color quality, perfectly better than HDTV *Very comfortable visual feeling, no any lighting diffuse/ghosting even play all the day *Very low fever, power off and put directly into your bag whenever you want, no need wait…
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What is ALPD laser light source?

What is ALPD? ALPD is acronym of “Advanced Laser Phosphor Display”. With phosphor material excited by the motion of a GaN-based blue lase it produce one or more primary colors for image display, which is one of key technologies of high brightness image display. The traditional image display device uses high brightness HID light bulb to display color images, but these bulbs are facing shortcomings of short life, low efficiency, containing toxic materials and others.¬†Since LED invention, due to its high efficiency and long life, it is rapidly applied on image display device such as on television.¬†However, despite its advancement and greater flux, LED can not provide high-brightness display limited…
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