Door Window Entry Alarm Burglarproof Alarm Guardian Protector Magnetic Sensor #82904

Windows Door Alarm

Door Window Entry Alarm Burglarproof Alarm Guardian Protector Magnetic Sensor

100% Brand New and High Quality
Magnetic sensor switch detects entry
Ideal guardian against the unwanted intruder whether you are in or out, keep yourself and your property safe and security
Easily attach the main sensor on the door/window and attach the stick adjacent the main sensor on the door/window frame with the adhesive tape (included)
Handy ON/OFF switch: in the state of “ON”, the sensor will emit the alarm signal as long as someone opens your door or window
Super loud 90 dB alarm
Powered by 3* LR44 button cell (included)

Uses: Can be installed on the doors and windows, with a switch, when the switch is open, if the door is opened, it will emit a loud alarm. At night or not at home, not in the office when the alarm switch open, anti-theft security.

Usage: alarm is composed of a large and a small piece composition, the alarm-size pieces were attached to the sides of the gap in the middle of two windows, large and small pieces arranged in parallel, the size of the pieces in the middle gap as not more than 5 mm (can refer to the packaging looks like a good fit), small pieces of an arrow, to the opposite direction of the arrow on the large bulky parallel posted good, to security, closed the window, you can open the alarm switch, if thieves pushed the window, As long as the window opened (ie alarm large and small pieces of more than 5 mm apart), the alarm will send a strong warning sound, the owner of the house will take immediate action, the thieves will be caught or Homelessness escape.

1 x Alarm Unit
1 x Magnetic Sensor

Anti Thief Alarm Door Magnetic Sensor Door Window Entry Alarm  Wireless Door Window Entry Burglar Alarm Safety Security Guardian Protector Magnetic Sensor

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