Mobile Phone Magnetic Lightning Micro USB Charging Cable


Mobile Phone Magnetic Lightning Micro USB Charging Cable

Are you always fumbling with your charging cable? Fear no more! This magnetic cable instantly snaps into your charging port from a distance or angle.

Compatible with all Apple/Android devices (iPhones, iPads, iPods and more – including iPhone 7)
Fast Charging 2.4A
Easy to plug in, and easy to remove without hassle

• Elegant, simple and effective
• 1M in Length
• LED Light to indicate connection to charger – Green when fully charged or not connected and Blue whilst charging
• Allows for fast charging with an input of Max 2.4A
• Premium Quality
• Attractive Cable with soft Nylon cord and a 1-piece aluminum plug in case
• Manufactured using High Quality 100% bare copper wire, as well as a short circuit chip to ensure that it is temperature resistant and flame retardant
• New improved design allows for cellphone protective cases to fit around the connection well.
• Easily connected with cellphone using magnetic control
• Easy to connect, easy to separate, easy to remove connection from cellular device
• 1x High Quality Micro and Mini 8 Pin connectors supplied, which protect your cellphone and the cable from damage caused by frequent plugging

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